Lan Wangji P4P Enamel Pin

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This is a P4P product, (pay for production), I am not making any profit on this pin.  The cost of each pin includes cost of pin design and manufacturing, packaging materials and a separate fee for shipping. Unfortunately, international shipping is very expensive and there is nothing I can do to adjust the pricing. Shipping costs are based off package weight and cannot be discounted. P4P pins are ungraded.

P4P items are restricted from being resold for profit. If you choose to sell your pin, please only sell the item for the amount you paid + shipping fees. If it has been determined that you are reselling the pins for profit, you will be banned from my future P4P purchases.


Size: ~4" x ~4.65" each
Style: Gold or Black Nickel Hard Enamel
Details: Backstamp, Pin on Pin, Pearl No Swirl Gradient, Translucent Enamel with Sandblast, and Screenprinted Details